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Understanding that selection and fast order fulfillment are critical in our industry, we invest heavily in ensuring that we are well-stocked at all times, carrying over one million dollars in inventory.

No product is too big for us to keep in stock, including these 5000-gallon bushman vertical water tanks in our overstock area, ready to ship at a moment's notice.

Company Overview

Coastal Pipco is a wholesale distributor stocking a full range of pipe, valves, fittings and related items. Services include ag irrigation & ag spray systems design, equipment troubleshooting and repair.

We accept orders at the counter, or by phone/email. Choose delivery or pick up your material here (will-call).

Our delivery service covers Ventura County and surrounding areas. The vast majority of deliveries are made same-day or next day. Urgent deliveries are usually made within 2-3 hours or less.

We work hard to make sure all orders are shipped as soon as possible, and that backorders and special order items are supplied quickly, so you aren't left hanging. We know that the faster you can finish your work, the better off you are.

Our inventory management system integrates with mobile barcode scanners, allowing our warehouse staff to keep track of product quantities and fill orders as quickly as possible.

We stock and deliver high-capacity water tanks on a regular basis.

Our greatest asset is our staff. There are many, many years of experience here for your benefit. We are here to listen to your questions and advise you on the best product to meet your needs. We have extensive expertise in the design and troubleshooting of ag irrigation/ag spray systems and components. We have staff qualified to evaluate and troubleshoot pending or existing hydraulic systems including filtration, pumps and valves. The continued education and product training our staff receives is passed on to our customers through seminars offered several times throughout the year.