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Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Materials for Irrigation, Industry & Construction

Please call or email in your orders prior to arrival at our warehouse. Hours: Mon–Fri 7am-5pm; Sat–Sun Closed.

Doing Business with Us

Our inventory management system integrates with mobile barcode scanners, allowing our warehouse staff to keep track of product quantities and fill orders as quickly as possible.

Warehouse Environment

Our warehouse is traditional and closed as opposed to open. In an open warehouse, the customer can fill his own order. We experimented with an open warehouse 20 years ago and weren't happy with the results.

In our warehouse, orders are filled by our staff. We feel that you should not have to learn warehouse skills and that we will make fewer mistakes than you would. By placing your order with one of our staff, you gain the advantage of our knowledge and experience.

Placing Orders

There are many ways to place orders and receive material at Coastal Pipco. If you choose to simply show up and place your order, please proceed to the MAIN COUNTER, which is the larger one in the center and on the left. If you have your list already prepared, it will expedite your service. When the counter area is not crowded, this approach works fine. In peak season (March through October), we may have as many as 10 to 15 customers at our counter at one time.

If you goal is to get your materials within a few minutes of your arrival, then it is VERY HIGHLY recommended that you phone or fax your order to us. Specify when you want to pick up your order. Most orders take one or two hours or less to pull but, in an urgent situation, your order can be pulled in minutes. When you arrive, go directly to the PRE-CALL/WILL-CALL counter at your far right. The first available counter or office person will give you your order. PRE-CALL orders always receive this priority. In the fairly near future, we will offer web site order entry.

If you are uncertain about what to order, ask the person taking your order. If the person taking your order doesn't know he will find someone who can provide answers. Much of our staff is bilingual so there is no reason to not be understood.

Special Orders



We have found, over the years, that a modest and fair approach to pricing works best for all. This means that all items and all invoices receive even-handed and reasonable pricing. Our prices only change as a result of a manufacturer's price change.

Volume purchases generally receive volume discounts. Our computer system is programmed to recognize volume levels, in a variety of forms, and discounts items accordingly. If you require a quote for a job that is larger than what our computer is programmed for, it will be turned over to one of our qualified staff members for pricing.

Return Policy