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Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Materials for Irrigation, Industry & Construction

Please call or email in your orders prior to arrival at our warehouse. Hours: Mon–Fri 7am-5pm; Sat–Sun Closed.

About Coastal Pipco

Main order counter / will-call area.

Coastal Pipco has been doing business in Ventura County and neighboring areas for more than 50 years. The merger of Coastal Waterworks and PIPCO (Plastic Irrigation Products Company) 35-some years ago created a diversity of products that continues today.

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833 Maulhardt Ave (Oxnard)
(805) 485‑0455

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We are a stocking, wholesale distributor at one location in Oxnard, CA with over one million dollars in inventory.

Main inventory lot (pipe, sewer & drain, tanks, etc.)

About half of our business is directly involved in supplying complete agricultural and landscape irrigation systems. We have a broad-based pipe, valve and fitting inventory that provides excellent service to a variety of businesses including general construction, sewer and drainage, plumbing, manufacturing, facilities management, ag spray and chemical injection and water and waste treatment.

Our business philosophy is based on the simple understanding that we share in our customers' prosperity. When our customers do well, we do well. Anything we can do to enhance the business health of our customers makes sense to us.

Some of the ways we take care of our customers are simple and obvious; some are not.

5000-gallon vertical water tanks in overstock area.

Order/service counter.

Our greatest asset is our staff. There are many, many years of experience here for your benefit. It is the people who work here that make the computers and the company work and provide you with just what you need.

If you are somewhat like us, you will be skeptical and disbelieve most of what you've read here. It is unfortunate that there is little accountability in the claims people make about their companies and services. We hope that you will check us out and develop your own experience with us.

Please review the pages in our website, especially doing business with us. The information will save you time and money and simplify your life.